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We support many worthwhile causes throughout the year.

April is National Earth month.

Every April, we raise money for clean water by selling Aveda EarthMonth candles (all proceeds go to India) and by raising money from hosting events, also sponsoring Audubon Minnesota/ Clean Water for the Mississippi Water Fund.

SAVE (Suicide Awareness)


Earth Walk

Client Appreciation

Clean Water Walk

Open House


local art

The art on our walls is created and curated by local artist Maris Gilbert. Maris will be hanging her beautiful artwork on Rue 48's walls, rotating works seasonally.

shifting shorelines

“One of my first memories of painting is from when I was seven years old. I remember rich blue tempura paint flowing off my brush to paint a sky while standing at an easel on the patio of my Florida second grade classroom. I was in love with the blue paint, engrossed and content in the humid breeze."

Maris Gilbert is an artist who has been painting for her whole life.  She grew up in Miami, Florida and her paintings continue to be  influenced by the water and colors of her childhood.  She move to Minneapolis in 1982 to attend Minneapolis College of Art and Design graduating in 1985 with a BFA.

She has had shows at Art-a-Whirl, Vine Arts Gallery, Healing Arts at Owatonna Hospital and in coffee shops. She currently has work hanging at Spark Wellness. 

Maris’s recent work is an exploration of water, earth, and spirit. She is particularly interested in shorelines. Shorelines are in constant flow, and they are where elements interface, overlap and intersect.   Humans are influencing these elusive lines. Climate is changing, seasons continue to come and go, and human influences are part of the mix.  It is Maris’s hope that her work sparks some awareness of the beauty of our waters and shorelines in ways that move people internally, and then into attention and action for the good of our planet.


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