salon design

The design of our salon reflects our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

"We placed a large emphasis on reusable and rustic materials in the design of [our] newly designed salon.

We were thoughtful about blending the right sustainable and recycled components into the practical application when appropriate--such as salvaged furniture and interior finishes, including a 110-year old gothic style pew, an antique end table found in an alley and a steel table from a reclaimed furniture shop.

We repurposed old doors for use as mirrors at each of the salon's stations. To keep a consistent look, a white/brown crackle paint finish was applied to each door, which features door knobs along with a sunken station mirror...

A practical goal was to be able to hang a woman's purse or bag on the door knobs and to also inspire one to think what might be beyond the door."

--As shared with Alison Shipley, Salon Today, Alison Shipley Alhamed | 06/09/2010