Artist Victor Yepez paintings on display at Rue 48!

Victor Yepez graduated with a degree in sculpture and print making from the School of Fine Arts, Central University in Quito, Ecuador.  Since immigrating to the U.S. fifteen years ago, he has worked as a sculptor, muralist, art teacher and public artist. Victor creates art as a gift that celebrates the connection between him and the world.  His art is inspired by everything around us, made with passion and love, limitless and indestructible. Everyday reality meets with my imagination, freely creating a language, which allows him to express himself. Mind, spirit, body, and soul come together to reach the muses. He uses materials, tools, colors, and forms to prepare and walk the path of creativity. Then the magic moment comes to embrace and incubate the idea with scenes full of life.

Victor strongly believes that art is for everybody. In his sculpture he utilizes recycled materials because of their aesthetic properties and also with an ecological message for future generations. The hope is that his work will play a role in creating a positive future with respect for the earth, justice and dignity for everyone.