Choosing the best Hair Color for you and why Hair Consultations are so Important.

Our clients ask us what and how we choose the best color for our guests. Each service begins with a consultation (detailed conversation) about what clients are  looking for and what stylist feel will look best on them.

Hair color comes in many shades from warm, cool, neutral, bright, bold and the newest trends of  light shades of pastels.  Placement of  Hair Color is just as important to get that specialized look that will best suite your facial features and your lifestyle.   Each Hair Color service scheduled can be just as important.  When scheduling a service it is very important to explain what type of hair color you wish to achieve or if you are thinking about a major Hair Color change.  This will allow us to book out appropriate time to accomplish the desired look you are wanting.

Rue 48 Stylists

Pushing the limits of Aveda Hair Color.

Pushing the limits of Aveda Hair Color.

are ready for you to make a change in our chair.


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