Looking for the right stylist

How do you find the right stylist for you?  This question has been brought up to me several times in my career.  Many clients will find a stylist they love and stick with them for several years.  It is not only the haircut they are looking to perfect, but it is also the attitude, trust and relationship they share with one another.

A few simple questions you can ask when you schedule your next appointment with the salon you have been wanting to try are the following.

1. Begin with explaining your hair type (curly, wavy, straight, thin, thick, grey, course).

2. Relay  what kind of style you are looking for (short, long, growing out, extensions, perm, color etc).

3. If you have any specific requests such as gender, age range  or etc.

The goal to booking the appointment with the sylsit that is best fit for you is to understand what stylist has the specific skill and personality to deliver the absolute best service for you.  That is what Rue 48 (www.rue48.com) for every time we book an appointment.







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